BWP – NatureGuides Ltd.

Birds of the Western Palearctic – BWP – is the definitive reference for everyone with a serious interest in birding and ornithology. Fifteen years ago we published all 11 printed volumes on DVD-ROM. Now we have fully overhauled this renowned BWPi for iOS. We have refreshed the design, breathed new life into the plates, added a comprehensive video library, integrated unique breeding birds content and updated taxonomy with new species and splits.

Comprehensive coverage of every species that regularly occurs in the region, with sections on Field Characters, Habitat, Breeding, Distribution, Population, Movements, Social Pattern and Behaviour, Voice, Food, Plumages, Moults, Measurements and Geographical Variation.

The app covers every species known to have occurred within the region, and we will be updating the app as new species occur (White-chinned Petrel anyone?).

BWP integrates with Collins Bird Guide app so that you can switch between the two seamlessly.

• 1,013 species covered
• 5,470 illustrations
• 1,040 songs and calls
• Video for 880 species
• 616 distribution maps
• 9,593 photos of breeding stages
• 1,557 line drawings showing behaviour
• 288 life cycle diagrams
• 2,446 tables
• 37,690 references
• 5,250,000 words of text!
• Species names are translated into 25 languages

The distribution and population data have not been updated since BWP was originally published, and some species have changed significantly since then. Compare species is available on iPad only.