Business Card Reader – Scanner – Muhammad Asad Khan

Business card reader is the perfect solution that will let the people enable to scan any business card though mobile camera, and get all information and save into the contact list. This will not only save the contact information’s but it will also save the card into your mobile phone.

Once you scan the card it will automatically detects the information written on the card, and will show you for review, if they are correct or you may change the info. It will also save the card photo into your mobile phone, with company and contact person name.

This contact snapper is 100 percent reliable, and will save accurate result into your phone.
Following are the feature of the business card reader.

1. Advance iOS Vision kit that will scan the card and snap all the information in the card
2. It will save all the mentioned information’s in phone
3. The card reader will also make a snap, and will save the image of the card into the app, when user need to save it to the gallery, it will also be saved to the gallery
4. It have user friendly design

How to use this CamCard scanner?
• Open your business card reader, and take a snap of the card, the app will automatically snap all the info in the card
• The app will automatically fetch all the written info on the card
• It will show all the info on the board, to check wheather if you want to update
• The app will save all the info into the contact list
• At the same time you can also save the photo of the app
• You can access the card info at any time any where