Burger Creator – Creator, Inc.

Control the burger-making robots that Creator uses to produce the world’s freshest burger ever, starting at $6, and skip the line! We’ve automated some very difficult techniques, like vertically grinding meat directly from whole brisket and chuck to order, precisely compressing patties for max tenderness, and cooking to max juiciness. Buns sliced, buttered, and toasted to order, all vegetables sliced to order, cheese grated and melted. Sauce dispensed down to the milliliter, seasoning down to the gram.

And now you can control it, all from your phone. Use the app to personalize our featured chef burgers or create and customize burgers from scratch. Order from anywhere and pick up when it’s ready.


Control robots
Browse our menu
Order and pay in advance
Se current robot production times
Explore sourcing
Get directions
Get early access to new items
Feel futuristic

Find us on Instagram @eatatcreator, Facebook at facebook.com/eatatcreator, and twitter @eatatcreator. Visit our website to learn more about why we did this, careers with us, and more at creator.rest!