Bundole – Chinlung Lee

Cannot find an article you saw days ago? You might have seen it on a social media, in a text message, on an app or a web page? No more wondering and searching. Bundole keeps all your interesting articles in a one simple app, gives you quick access to them from your phone or computer (bundole.com).

Each saved article automatically gets a category and associated with its source web site. You may add tags, annotation, or link them to your own “bundle”, which works like a folder for you to organize articles into different groups. One bundle can be added to another, that allows you to manage a greater number of related articles in a tree-like structure. Articles in a bundle may be similar; or in different natures but correlated because of a theme, a story or a project you have in mind!

After installing Bundole app on your phone, when seeing an interesting article, video, music, or map location that you want to keep, simply use the “Share” function, click on the Bundole icon to save it to your account.

Happy bundole with us!

Bundole LLC