Bunco Player – MKE Things LLC

Hello Bunco Player! Finally a Bunco App that is full featured and easy to use that allows you to focus on the socializing and the fun!

Did someone forget to bring the game or lose the dice? Don’t worry…with this app, you can play anytime, anywhere, and with anyone!

A one time low price eliminates the expensive premium ad on features and annoying banner ads.

Bunco rules vary by community, however this App will roll the dice, update the score, and count the Wins/Losses/Buncos/MiniBuncos. Buncos (3 dice match the Target Dice) = 21 points , Mini Buncos (3 dice match each other) = 5 points, and any match of the Target Dice = 1 point each.

Each player uses their own device/app…although a team of two can share.

This app features unique customization and game options to tailor the game to your specific needs. Configure a Custom Title, enable various Sound Options, specify the Number of Games, and even choose from a variety of Game Colors. This app supports 1-6 Games with each game consisting of all 6 Target Dice.

In the Game Tab, be sure to select the desired Target Dice and Game Number using the Green Buttons. This will highlight the Active Score in GRAY. This app will automatically update the Active Score for the current Target Dice and Game Number.

To mark a game as a WIN or LOSS, simply press (and repress) any score to turn it Green (Win), Red (Loss), Black (None), or back again.

The Head Table can ring the bell by selecting the Bell button once a game reaches 21 points.

To clear and erase the entire Score Sheet, select the Trash Can button.

A simple design ensures that players of all ages can join the fun. This game can be a new holiday tradition for your friends and family!

Margaret from MKE Things, LLC