BUNCH – Daily Leadership Coach – Bunch.ai, Inc.

Bunch is an AI coach that makes it easy to learn and grow your leadership skills with bite-sized daily tips – personalized just for you. No books, blog posts, or 3-day workshops required.

Why Bunch?
• Grow a little bit every day. Bunch takes the world’s knowledge on leadership and breaks it down for you in bite-sized chunks to enjoy two minutes at a time.

• A seriously personalized experience. Your coach will get to know you over time, and tailor advice for you based on your leadership style and your skills.

• Learn from the best. Tips from Bunch are inspired by the world’s top leaders, vetted by professional leadership coaches, and summarized for you by our team.

What leaders are saying about Bunch:

“Bunch gave me a template for how to call out team members who’ve gone above and beyond. The team loves it, and It’s really helped them gain a sense of what excellence looks like in their role.” – Cynthia Gordon, Customer Experience Leader @ monday.com

“Bunch is for your leadership growth what Reforge is for your product and growth skills. It gives me a great foundation, lots of examples, and sets me up for success in any situation.” – Alex Weber, Chief Growth Officer @ N26

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