BullPEN: A Beef Cattle App – Glenda Burgess

Set EPD ranges, breeder handle, and/or location to search for bulls offered via auction or private treaty. Save preferred bulls to the BullPEN.

BullPEN is as easy as:


BullPEN helps beef cattle producers find bulls for sale (via auction or private treaty) that fit their beef cattle operation needs. Using Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs), beef cattle producers can search for a bull whose genetic pedigree fits into multiple user-selected EPD ranges. Moreover, ranchers and cow-calf producers can search for bulls from a specific breeder by using the breeder handle (@breeder_handle) feature or search by part of a bull or sire name. Sale and breeder information on each bull is available, along with EPDs and other traits.

Add bulls to the BullPEN (a list of preferred bulls) to keep their information at your fingertips during the bull sale. Start your search with BullPEN and head to the sale barn or livestock yard prepared.

Bulls from five cattle breeds in the USA are supported (Angus, Hereford, Red Angus, Simmental/SimAngus™, and Charolais).

Want to see your bulls on BullPEN? Head to www.getpenned.com to find out how or visit the Help screen of the BullPEN app.