Buggybee – Ghalia RAMZI

This is a local or national marketplace where it is totally free to list your baby equipment.
No commitments or membership contracts.

Sellers sell for free and renters rent for free, we charge 10% of a commission to buyers and renters.
You can swap or give away on the app for free.

What is Buggy Bee?

Buggy Bee is the place to SELL, RENT, SWAP or SHARE your baby equipment with other members. Do you have an attic or garage full of baby equipment, clothes or toys you no longer use? There are many people out there looking for preloved items! Or perhaps you need to borrow a highchair or a stroller for a short period of time? Whether your items are new or used, you are able to list them on the Buggy Bee marketplace. Rather than advertising it on sites that are heavily populated with other types of products, Buggy Bee is 100% dedicated to products for babies and children only.

Earn a bit of extra cash or swap something with another member for free. Buggy Bee will help you find your perfect match. Don’t let your baby equipment go to waste, there are thousands of fellow parents out there who can reuse it!

How does it work?

It is totally free to list your baby equipment on the Buggy Bee marketplace. No commitments or membership contracts whatsoever. Just simply register, list your items or search for the things you need, such as strollers, car-seats, high-chairs, clothes and toys. If you have spotted something you like, you can quickly make the connection with other members via our messaging service.

If the item is for sale or rent, you can then make a secure payment on Paypal or any other card payment. If you are the one selling or renting an item, you will get paid once the transaction is complete. Buggy Bee charges a 15% commission fee on each transaction.

How do I ship and receive my items?

You can choose to send the item and track it via our delivery tracking system. Alternatively, if you find something that is local to you, you can of course make your own arrangements and collect it in person.

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Our Story

A mom of two beautiful children, who has left her Financial Project Manager job and career to dedicate her life to raise her kids.
Cleaning her house and getting ready for her second baby she has realized that we don’t use all the items we buy for a baby more than 1 or 2 months in his first year of life. So she has thought :”what if I can borrow the Cocoonababy for 4 months, that would be great! I don’t really need to buy it is so expensive! and I won’t be using it that much!”
But no one would give me his baby property for free… What If I offer some money for it? So She looked all over the internet but couldn’t find a place to do it.
She Got lost in marketplaces full of all sort of products, not easy to browse through, she then decided to create a website to help other parents making some money and emptying up their garages and attics.
She thought of a way to do it and has started digging and going over the internet to do her research. It took her almost one year to do it with a baby at home.
But Finally was Born BUGGY BEE!