Brownce – CherRaye Glenn

Brownce, the leading on-demand beauty service app for Black & Brown people, was founded in 2020 in the United States. Our mission is to help Black and Brown people access a community that understands and identifies with their beauty needs.

● Booking & appointment scheduling system
● Messaging Center
● Our community forum, Shop Talk
● Appointment reminders
● (Hairstylists) Username provided to allow clients to search for you directly
● (Hairstylists) Client management tool: Accept or reject incoming appointment requests
● (Hairstylists) Receive and payments via PayPal
● (Hairstylists) Showcase your slay-filled portfolio in your profile. Fill out your bio and upload up to 8 photos of your work!

● (Clients) Pay for services via PayPal
● (Clients) Ability to rate hairstylists
● (Clients) Dynamic map allows you to search for Brownce hairstylists in your area
● (Clients) Allow your hairstylist to get to know you better by choosing 3 fun prompts



1. Step 1: Sign-Up
Create an account with your email and password.

2. Step 2: Search
Choose the option to either search in the map or let us help you find your stylist by filling out our quiz.

3. Step 3: Book
Once you find your ideal stylist, you will be able to book your service.


1. Step 1: Sign-Up
Create an account with your email and password.

2. Step 2: Accept
Go to your homepage to check your appointment requests. Manage clientele by
accepting or rejecting your requests.

3. Step 3: Earn
Click on the “in progress” tab to complete the appointment. Once the client accepts, you will receive your earnings via PayPal.