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Easy way to Monitor daily activities of the students Fees, Exam Result, Alerts

SmartSchool is India’s best, most secured, quick & user-friendly way to pay & collect all kinds of education fee for your school , college, university in a secure and convenient manner through various payment modes like net banking of all banks in india, debit card, credit card, wallet.

Smart School App is easy to access from any device, either it be a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even your smartphone!! It is just so easy to run. You can easily pay your fees anytime through Smart Pay.

Simple for parents
Now Parent’s need not worry about paying your child’s fees. Smart pay made it simple, better and flexible which you can use anytime and anywhere.
Smart pay is 100% secure for your all transactions and has all the essential features.

SmartSchool Features:
Cost control: Payments can be made on time or in advance to avoid penalties/late fee charges, etc. By making the payments online saves on the transportation cost, etc.

Secure and flexible: All payments made online are 100% protected and secure. Hence, no need to carry cash or cheque to school, college, and institution or stand in line at fee counters.

Simplest App of its kind: This platform is very user-friendly and easy-to-use. You just need to enter your school code and login details and pay the fees by clicking the paynow button.

Always alerted: Smart messaging system of SmartSchool brings inbuilt effective and productive way of communication with real time updates of activities such as dues,events, alerts,news and notifications

Time Saving: In today’s busy schedule, it becomes difficult to pull out additional time for such activities. Hence, this online fee payment system proves to be a solution for saving time.
Smart App for Schools

SmartSchool makes it possible for all schools to offer parents the convenience of online fee payment. Fee transactions of an educational institution can be made more smarter and easy by Smart Pay and Smart School ERP

Faster Fee Collection: Smart School facilitates the institutions by speeding the process of fee collection from the parents situated at different locations through this common online platform.

Transaction Records: As all the transactions are done online, everything is automated and computerized resulting in faster online reports and MIS Reconciliation.

Directly to the bank accounts: All payments done online are transferred directly into bank accounts by a click.

Cost reduction/Cutting: There are huge administrative cost savings for the institutions through this online fee collection platform.

Safe & Secure: All payments made online are 100% protected and secured through safe and verified payment gateway.

Avoid manual intervention: No more dealing with cash or cheque and no paper formalities. SmartSchool makes sure a smooth and centralized process.