Brick Shooter – Nonstop Bricks – Dominik Drbal

Brick Shooter is easy-to-use one-finger brick game, just turn your brain off and relax. Brick Shooter
is a nonstop action with constantly falling bricks. In Brick Shooter you must upgrade shooter for faster shoot speed, ball speed, count of balls and ball damage for destroying more bricks. Brick Shooter is a perfect time killer.

How to play
– Hold the screen with your finger and move to aim.
– When the durability of brick reaches 0, destroyed.
– Never let bricks reach the bottom or game is over.
– Upgrade your shooter to get a higher score.

– Playing in one handed. One finger controls.
– Nonstop action, Bricks are constantly falling.
– Relax your brain, perfect time killer.

what best score do you get? Try it right now!