Brick Pixel Puzzle – Trung Nguyen The

Have a good day everyone !

I’m Trung Nguyen,
And here is my 2nd game this year in AppStore, after “Dack Hunt”. This is about an experiment on “Block Puzzle” Genre that we all may be already familar since SNES age as “Tetris”. I took inspired from other games around and made this with my own style.

The rule is simple, like Tetris, you match the block to fill a line and score.

For version 1.0, there are 23 carefully-picked shapes with increasingly challenges. And I still plan to add more suprises to you, after a short test-run.

Just like “Dack Hunt”, this game will be improved and upgraded over time, as you play, the game will evolve based on your feedbacks and my own perception through months, when I see its flaw and got time to fix it.

Please tweet to @deulamco for any feedbacks, bugs or improvement tips.
Being indie is really hard and lonely at times.

Again, thank you for your reading and have fun !