BreakAway: Indoor Training – Mun Heng Ow

BreakAway is aimed at the casual yet determined cyclist who is low on time and needing a quality workout without traffic lights, traffic and distractions.

This app provides you with a locally stored array of structured workouts collated from the interwebs. There’s no need for sign in/up & no request for emails. After the initial setup of entering your FTP, just select a workout and press start. That’s all there is to it!

Don’t feel like doing a structured workout? Then just press Start and pedal away. Click the + or – button to increase or decrease the workout target power.

Currently verified supported Trainers are the Magene Gravat and T300 which supports the TACX ANT+ over BLE protocol (predominantly in Asia) and standard power meters (tested on Favero Assioma and Team ZWATT) as well as Speed / Cadence / HR Sensors.

Note: There is NO ANT+ Support, only Bluetooth.

Even if your trainer is not supported, I encourage you to give it a try and send an email to with your trainer model and whether it works or otherwise.

To keep this app free for use, the app will show advertisements. I believe that their placement is unobtrusive. (In app purchase would be made available later to optionally remove this)