Bread Culture – Nikoloz Elashvili

Meet Mary
Creator & Founder of Bread Culture

Mary created Bread Culture because of her love for great bread, community, and connection. It all started after many years of being gluten-free ended when she took a chance on eating bread in France and was shocked at how well and alive she felt. She came home determined to bake bread and teach others what she learned in the process.

Fast forward several years and thousands of loaves later, Mary has now taught over 1,500 people how to bake organic, whole grain, sourdough bread in the comfort of their own home to break with family and friends.

Meet Nika
App Developer

Nika took Mary’s bread baking class in 2018 and since then has been baking and enjoying homemade sourdough bread. Because sourdough creation requires the baker to follow detailed steps, Nika created this app just for himself, to stay on track and have the directions in one central location. After baking with the app, he realized that this could help make the bread baking experience accessible to others. It’s not that hard if you have the right directions!

Nika contacted Mary with the idea to transform her online classes into this exciting interactive app.

These are the very beginning first steps of the app. We plan to improve and grow in the future, with more delicious recipes and features planned!

We hope you enjoy baking as much as we do.

Happy baking,