Breach Protocol AI Widget – Alexandru Ghitulescu

Found yourself having adventures in Night City? Got tired of solving breach protocols? Why not delegate that task to an AI?

Those were my thoughts after about 30 hours of side jobs and gigs. This lead me to look into what that pocket computer of mine can do, with the result being this app.

Select your buffer size, point and zoom the camera at the matrix, then use the auto-solved results. 
For best results use landscape and zoom in to contain the matrix and the sequences in the frame. Reset and try again if the results are not accurate.

This is my first iOS app, and I am constantly working on improving the accuracy of its algorithms. If it constantly fails to recognise the matrix or the sequences it might be because it has not been optimised for your particular usage. This can be influenced by the level of light in your room, the brightness of your screen, or the phone you are using. Drop me an email at with details as this will help me make it adapt better to different scenarios.