BrainwaveZ – Bill O’Neill Design LLC

BrainwaveZ is a revolutionary new Brainwave Entrainment tool that combines pre-packaged hand-tuned entrainment sessions with an innovative new real-time synthesizer that supports multiple entrainment methods (Binaural, Isochronic, and Monaural), and structured, sequenced entrainment sessions.

In addition to being able to seamlessly guide the user through transitions from one brain state to another, the BrainwaveZ synthesizer also uses a revolutionary new brainwave modulation mechanism that significantly improves the effectiveness of all entrainment methods in their ability to “lock” brainwaves into a desired brain state. Use of these modulations when guiding the user from one brain state to another allows the transitions to be faster and deeper than would otherwise be possible.

The included sessions have been optimized and tuned to work with the capabilities of the synthesizer and sequencer to provide maximum effectiveness and usefulness “out of the box” with just a couple of clicks.

For the more adventurous amongst us, BrainwaveZ provides the ability to apply a number of tweaks to the default session parameters:

● Users can choose for each session whether to switch between entrainment modes from Binaural beats to Isochronic tones or Monaural beats. (All sessions are compatible with all entrainment modes)
● If a session has multiple stages, users can easily enable/disable individual stages
● The default duration of all sessions and stages can easily be overridden with just a few clicks.

This first release contains a number of session packs which have been developed and optimized over a number of years to provide maximum utility to the maximum number of people. The included sessions support:

● Structured Meditation sessions supporting all five brain states (δ, θ, α, β, γ)
● Energy Boost sessions to quickly take you to a high energy state ahead of an important meeting/exam, or simply act as a morning wake-up from a dead sleep
● Sleep Induction sessions to end a hectic day and take you from any of the five brain states into a deep and restful sleep
● Simple, clean, un-modulated general purpose pure-tone sessions supporting all five brain states to get you directly into the desired brain state

Used properly, the application can be used to support and enhance activities such as:

● Study and Learning (α)
● Homework (α)
● Brainstorming (γ)
● Increasing and holding concentration (α)
● Practicing a skill or instrument (α)
● Creative Visualization (θ)
● Relaxation and winding down at the end of a hectic day (α, θ, δ)
● Deep Trance Meditation (α, θ, δ)
● Inspirational Meditation (γ, θ)
● Preparing for a meeting, exam, competition or tournament (β)
● Falling Asleep (δ)
● Increasing focus and concentration (α)
● Overcoming Anxiety and Depression (α, θ)
● Getting in The Zone (α)
● Accelerated Healing (θ, δ)


● While Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones have been generally accepted brainwave entrainment tools for many years, everyone is different in their response, and we cannot guarantee their effectiveness for everyone and in all situations. Similarly we cannot guarantee that everyone will experience the beneficial effects of a particular brain state: Effective use of this application requires patience, practice and an open mind!

● While there has not been any generally accepted medical evidence that there are any major risks associated with Brainwave Entrainment, we do not recommend the use of this application by anyone that suffers from Seizures. Similarly, because many of the sessions included in this release can induce profoundly altered states, this product should not be used when driving, operating heavy machinery, or doing anything remotely dangerous!

● The effects of using products like this are transient and are not permanent. However, some of the sessions in this pack can generate altered states so profound that care should be taken if standing up or walking around either during, or immediately after use.