Brainloop MeetingSuite – Brainloop AG

The Brainloop MeetingSuite for iOS app provides you with full control of your meetings and the related meeting documents, from anywhere and at any time. The Meetings screen gives you a real-time overview of your current, future, and past appointments.

When viewing individual appointments, you not only see when and where the meeting will take place, but also who will attend, the issue at stake, the agenda, and which documents and attachments have been made available. Additionally, you see the votes and circular resolutions that require your participation.

The document view offers direct access to all meeting documents. If you happen to be on the road but would like to view certain documents, just download them to your iPhone or iPad and read them offline. And if your vote is required for a vote or a circular resolution, just cast it or change it in the Votes screen.

You don’t want to use another calendar for your meetings? Then just upload the dates and all attachments from the MeetingSuite for iOS app to your native iOS calendar.

Your benefits at a glance:
– Detailed overview of all meetings, including attachments, in the Meetings screen.
– Download function ensures that all documents are available online as well as offline.
– Highly secure environment for your documents thanks to data encryption and two-factor authentication.
– Voting made easy in the Votes screen
– Integration into your personal calendar.
– The app supports multiple user accounts.