BrainLit – BrainLit

BrainLit ALVEN is the world´s first point-of-use system to deliver BioCentric Lighting™ (BCL), a patented personalized circadian lighting. The BrainLit ALVEN consists of three parts: the luminaire that generates BioCentric Lighting, the mobile application, and the BCL cloud services. The BrainLit ALVEN’s luminaires delivers a wide range of healthy light, with light intensities from 4 lux up to 7.000 lux, providing an immediate positive impact on the user’s hormonal balance. The BrainLit ALVEN is a multi-user product, adapting the exposure of its light to each individual user´s light profile.
BioCentric Lighting™ by BrainLit recreates and simulates natural light indoors, improving performance during daytime and sleep during night-time for overall positive effects on your wellbeing by synchronizing your circadian rhythm just like natural sunlight would.
However, BrainLit ALVEN and its BioCentric lighting™ system addresses all the different chronotypes with individualized lighting.

Use this app to remotely manage your preferred settings. For maximum energy, utilize the BOOST function, preferably during the morning, or make the BrainLit ALVEN to help you relax after a stressful day, with the RELAX function.
The science behind BioCentric Lighting™ is based on the understanding of human biology and how our bodies respond to light. Ever increasing amounts of research reiterate the importance of daylight for sleep, which is the preeminent pillar of our health and wellbeing. Cutting edge technology and the latest light research related to our biology is therefore continuously integrated into BrainLit´s products.