Brain PDF Signer – FDNSOFT

Now all your documents are in digital. Are you still struggling to sign these documents by first printing them out, signing a lot of signatures page by page and scanning them again as if they weren’t enough and digitizing them again? Don’t waste your time and nature in these times when time is so precious, and nature is so endangered. At this point, we offer you a solution that will help you a lot. You do not need to go into all these troubles to sign documents. Once you add your sign to signature field, you can easily add your signature wherever you want. How does Brain work? You choose the document you want from the add document field in the application. You can move your saved signature anywhere on the pages by drag and drop method, and you can put as many signatures as you want with a single click. With Brain all your time is you and you don’t waste any more papers. In addition, not only the signature, but also the name, surname, title, date, and even a text can be added to the document, you can complete your transactions easily. Get the Brain to save your time.