Bountyhub – dotcom Ventures Holding AG

Perform from anywhere in the world! Complete mini-tasks and earn rewards! Stop wasting your time, monetize it!

Bountyhub is a performance-based platform where you can easily earn money from home or anywhere worldwide. Quickly and safely monetize your time on the Internet by completing tasks. Automate and manage all your tasks from one App with easy-to-use tools and fantastic features.

Anyone can become part of the Bountyhub community and participate in relevant tasks and campaigns.

You simply have to log in through the app, complete micro-tasks, and quickly earn a little money and rewards on the side.

There’s a variety of on-going tasks like:
– Writing and content tasks
– Data Categorization and Tagging tasks
– Mobile App Quality testing
– Web-Page Speed tests and UX improvements

And many other tasks and campaigns!

Using the Bountyhub app is definitely worthwhile to be sure you don’t miss any daily tasks.

Joining Bountyhub is super easy:

– Register through the application!
– Fill your profile!
– Start with your first task
– Have your earnings paid right after task verification