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BoroMe® is a Fintech company with a vision to be the leaders in financial services and the quickest way for people to get access to personal loans. BoroMe® makes access to short-term loans fast, easy & reliable on your mobile phone.
The BoroMe® App is a free & secure mobile app, available in Nigeria. Get up to N100,000 instantly with no paperwork and low interest rate!

• Download the app
• Register & Create your account
• Apply & Get credited instantly

Depending on the loan amount for which you are eligible, you have the option of repaying within 52 weeks. Make sure to choose the loan term that’s right for you within the app.

WHY BoroMe®?
• Easy requirements. Having a smart phone, a good internet connection, and valid means of Identification, gives you instant access to BoroMe® services.
• Fast Services. No waiting time or long queues. Our services are available 24/7. You can get loans whenever and wherever you need it.
• Reliable Loans. Get funds no matter who or where you are. Whether you’re a salary earner, self-employed or a student, BoroMe® loans will help you stay on track & achieve your goals.
• Super Customer care. Our customer service agents are available to support you round the clock, Message us within the app, or on any of our social media handles and receive an answer in minutes! All our terms are openly displayed to our users. No hidden charges.
• Reward for Loyalty. By repaying loans on time, you get rewarded with higher credit score. Which allows earn larger loans.
• Safe & Secure. BoroMe® makes getting a personal loan simple. We encrypt the data you choose to share with us to protect your privacy. We take your privacy very seriously and promise to never share or sell your information.

Contact BoroMe®
BoroMe® is a fully licensed and regulated Fintech company. While we offer professional services that is 100% online, you can always reach us and learn more us;


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