Borawork – Borawork, Inc.

Borawork offers an efficient business management solution, since it’s highly specialized in group communication and task management.

With Borawork,
You can create and customize project rooms for each different topics, so you can organize your tasks more efficiently without confusion.
Of course you can easily invite your teammates and external partners, so you don’t need other messenger programs for collaboration.
Since Borawork is designed in timeline interface, participants can easily upload and share posts, and communicate with each other.

[Key features]
Task management: Through the “5-steps” (Request, Progress, Feedback, Complete, Hold), participants can easily monitor and track work progress without missing.
Communication: Borawork has a built-in messenger to support a real-time communication among the participants. Also, it even provides secret message feature which can even secure the private conversations!
Contents folder: Through the folders, participants can easily see the list of tasks and files. So, don’t worry about missing the deadlines or data.
To-do: You can create a to-do list and check things that are completed.
Scheduling: You can register and share some important events, such as meetings and announcements on the calendar.
Easiest user interface: You can easily upload, edit and share any contents and files with various posting options.

[About securities]
Borawork is highly secured.
Through the strong security features such as data encryption and account management, you can manage your business more securely.
We always try to protect your data as safe as we can, and all the uploaded files are saved for the lifetime. So, please feel safe while you upload your files on Borawork.
All these great features are included in this one single program, Borawork!
It’s enough for your fast and efficient business collaboration.

If you have any questions or experience any troubles, please feel free to leave a comment, or contact us

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Thank you! 🙂