Bookstack – Chuck Mallott

Bookstack is the easiest way to organize, track and share the books you read.

Find a book, add it to a stack. That’s all there is to it. For our initial launch, we’ve intentionally narrowed the focus of Bookstack to do those two things with ease.


– Powerful Search: Look up by title or author to find virtually any book.
– Barcode Scan: The easiest and most convenient way to add a book to your Bookstack.
– Assigning Books: Once you’ve found a book, simply add it to a stack. Or, move it to a different stack.
– Custom Sorting: Just drag and drop to re-order how books are listed in a stack.
– Book Summaries: Aid your search for the perfect book by reading a description of any book before adding it to a stack.
– Sharing: Excited about a book you’re reading? Send it with a friend or share it on social media.

With Bookstack, keeping track of the books you’re reading has never been easier. We hope it inspires you to read more, learn more and thinking differently about the world around you!

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