Bodybuilding assistant – Omesh Athauda

“To stay fit is to care for your body”
In our daily life, we often forget to take care of our body and miss doing many required exercises and wonder if there would have been something, where we can list the exercises so that we can check the list quickly in need and perform all the exercises without missing any.

Here is an easy to use amazing, ads-free app to manage the list of exercise one needs to do to stay fit and healthy.
Features of the app:

User can add the details of exercise belonging to the body part selected

Users can choose the category of a body part.

Users can view the list of all exercises to do related to any body part just by tapping the name of the body part they want to view.

Users can edit and update the details of the exercise as and when they want.

Users can delete any exercise details if they find it not required.

Download the app and manage the proper care of your body by doing exercise regularly without missing any.