Begin your journey to escape from the puzzle of magic river. Pull out your boat from bank of river with solving the challenging puzzle if BOATSCAPES. Build and run your path. Find the shortest way to cross this river. A shortcut run is also possible with most optimal path of crossy bridge. Become the puzzle master with completing all the levels and challenges. The BOATSCAPES : River CROSSING PUZZLE is a free game and easy to play. Swipe with your finger to more puzzle boxes from places. You can play our Cross the river puzzle with single finger. Keep an eye on timer clock you out of time you lose the game. When making your path through the river if you collect the bonus items you will get more rewards on completing stage.

· Enjoy high quality graphics

· Smooth gameplay

· Awesome controls

· Challenging gameplay

· Variety of challenge modes

· Play over 50 levels

· Simple, pure, innovative gameplay

· Free to play

Do not through away your time with thinking. Hit the play button and start solving your problem. if you are out of time you can always restart the level or earn extra time on ending of game.

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