Bo Taxi Driver – Heitor Santos Miguel

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Register now and join to professional drivers across Cape Verte. Benefit right away from more jobs requests and regular customers to get the most out of your shift. Download the app for free.

More jobs for you. Just like that:
As a registered mytaxi driver, the app offers you job requests directly from passengers – no other dispatcher involved. You get in touch with your passengers via app. Increase turnover with more business travellers, more airport tours and more tip.

Boost your business and manage your jobs easily:
* Free App
* Free In-App Registration
* Free App Payment System

No monthly costs
No tour minimum
No risk

You only pay a small commission fee for each completed job. No jobs, no costs.

All you need to get started:
* Smartphone or Tablet (300 MB free storage) and mobile data flat (2 GB per driver)
* Register in the App (Provide: Taxi Driver Licence, Vehicle Licence)
* Your local BoTaxi office will get in touch with you to complete the registration.

More information:

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