Bmaj – Tomas Brhel

Knowing triads in every key is bread and butter for every musician. Train your musical brain by exercises and become a master. Learn new keys in beautiful circle of 5ths.

Bmaj app allows you to practise triads in any key and anywhere. Train triads and their position within scale and master this essential skill every musician should develop.

App asks you a series of questions in random order and verifies your answers. It keeps track of your score.

Furthermore, you are prompted to fill in triads in correct order so you practise your skills in different approach.

Select scales you want to practise the most with filter functionality. Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner focusing only on C major, A minor, E minor scales or you already have advanced skills and you want to tame that F# major and Db major, Bmaj app allows all of that!

Use circle of fifths for learning new scales and triads. Understand order of chords within scale in second.

App changes to dark theme automatically according to your local iOS settings.

Do not hesitate to suggest a new feature you would like to see in this app.

Happy practising.