BlueQTerm – Dohmann Engineering Services

BlueQTerm emulates many popular 80-character (4 lines x 20 characters) hand-held terminals (HHTs) including:
•QTerm-J10, QTerm-N15, QTerm-II, QTerm-IV, and QTerm-P40 by QSI Corporation (Beijer Electronics, Inc)
•GSI-1585 HHT and GSI-6319 SDU by Gauging Systems Inc.
•LK204-24, LK204-25, VK204-24, and VK204-25 by Matrix Orbital Corp
•TechTerm, 80-Series, and HV Series by Two Technologies, Inc.

The app features a 40-key keypad with several choices of key formats. It is able to produce the entire set of 256 8-bit ASCII characters, so it is capable of emulating every keypad configuration of the terminals that it supports.

The app works in conjunction with a user-supplied HM-10 BLE device with Bluetooth 4.0 (or higher) capability. Once connected to the BLE device, BlueQTerm can transmit and receive characters from a host system.

The app includes a barcode scanning feature that is available for use with every type of terminal that it emulates, even if the native terminal itself does not support barcode scanning. The following types of barcodes are automatically recognized and captured by BlueQTerm:
•Code 39
•Code 39 Mod 43
•Code 93
•Code 128
•PDF417 Code
•UPCE Code
•EAN 8 Code
•EAN 13 Code
•ITF14 Code
•Data Matrix Code
•Aztec Code
•Interleaved 2 of 5 Code

The app also includes an extensive User Guide as well as a number of useful reference documents on HM-10 BLE devices as well as the various terminals that it emulates.

This app contains no ads and we do not nag you for reviews, although we do appreciate them. We only ask that if you have any issues with the app to please contact us first and give us a chance to address your concerns. We welcome your feedback and we have included a convenient email form within the app to send us your comments.