Blowmoney – earn cash clicker – Elizaveta Ivanova

Throw money around for your pleasure, become richer every minute and develop a successful game business with fantastic income.

Discover the money simulator “Blowmoney – earn cash clicker”:

-Throw bills from a thick pack on the screen and increase the amount of virtual cash receipt – the value of thrown out notes and, therefore, the amount of desirable profit depend on the speed of your actions! The more you throw, the more you get!

-Put your impressive savings in a vault, regulating its volume and a filling speed according to the scale of a large fortune growing every hour.

-Become the strongest on the financial market, solve tough quests and skillfully find a way out of realistic business situations close to real life conditions.

-Invest in your business and increase your savings to an incredible size!

Let yourself roll in money and revel in your financial achievements even when you are offline – application “Blowmoney – earn cash clicker” will help you become richer in every conditions!