Blowie – Top Down Shooter – Bradley Fischer

Blowie is an arcade shooter made especially for mobile. One finger control makes this vertical SHMUP easy to play but hard to master and ideal for playing with one hand when you have a few minutes to spare.

Most shoot ’em ups feature boring spaceship or Rambo vs zombie aesthetics. Blowie is clean and fresh, a little angry yellow guy that blows balls at his enemies. There’s no complicated choosing of ships or weapons, so It’s easy to understand what’s going on from the start. There is a smooth level progression across 53 unique levels so you can improve and test your skill.

* Classic vertical shoot em up.
* Easy to play, hard to master.
* Smooth difficulty progression.
* Easy one finger controls.
* Tons of gameplay with 53 unique levels.
* Leaderboard.

* You’re a big fan of top-down shooters
* You love retro games
* You’re a casual or hardcore player
* You don’t like over complicated gameplay