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Hey there board game lovers! It’s time to switch from classic ludo to the new & amazing Blocky Ludo. Download this fun and addictive dice board game and play with your family and friends.

Blocky Ludo is the best dice board game for kids as well as adults. It’s a perfect multiplayer board game which keeps you hooked because of its bright and colorful graphics.

We all grew up playing the classic ludo. It is also called as parchis , Parchisi or Lido. Blocky Ludo is turn-based strategy dice board game up to 4 players which is similar to the classic ludo game.

You just have to roll the dice and race all the four-block characters to their home. This is one of your childhood favorite board games with a UNIQUE new look!
It’s a multiplayer game that is perfect for kids and adults. So roll the dice and enjoy blocky ludo.

You can enjoy BLOCKY LUDO in Four Different Modes :
Player VS. Computer
Player 1 VS. Player 2
Player 1 VS. Player 2 VS. Player 3
Player 1 VS. Player 2 VS. Player 3 VS. Player 4

Features Of Blocky Ludo are:

Classic game with attractive graphics
The attractive and colorful graphics of this app makes it more engaging and pleasant thus making it better than other dice board games.

Fun Animation
The blocks in this game have fun animation like jelly which is more appealing to kids.

Challenging and Engaging
The game-play is challenging from the very beginning. Don’t let your opponents win. The rules are just like the original game. Blocky Ludo guarantees fun and enjoyable experience.

Offline Multiplayer Mode
You can enjoy this game offline with your friends and family – anytime, anywhere. Now challenge others and defeat them.

So Download this fun dice board game now and roll the dice! Also if you enjoyed playing this board game don’t forget to give us a 5-star rating and review.