Block’R – Ida Vaden

Block’R is a new secure messaging platform with state-of-the-art technology. Block’R provides you with unparalleled protection and privacy as a messaging app. The Block’R features allow the sender to set up each message for ultimate security and privacy.

Block’R denies the receiver access to the following actions:
•Forwarding of pictures, text, videos, and documents.
•Copying of pictures, text, videos, and documents.
•Saving of pictures, text, videos, documents, and audio files.

Block’R App provides these specific security features for the sender:
•Block’R allows the sender to delete sent messages from their device in addition to deleting the sent message from the recipients device.
•Messages made private remain secure until opened by receiver. Once the message is read, it automatically deletes from the receivers phone.
•Block’R allows you the ability to personalize each individual contact with its unique features.
•Block’R features a timer that will automatically delete ALL sent messages.

Block’R will never store any of your personal information or content. Your phone number is authenticated for verification. Block’R allows you the ability to communicate domestically and internationally.