Block Puzzle: Drop and Classic – Doan Thang

New Block Puzzle dropdown added: A unique gameplay experience that will give you an unprecedented level of satisfaction.
The game is fun and strategic. Take a break at any time with unique gameplay and endless fun!

How to play Dropdown:
Moving the block horizontally and filling the entire line will eliminate it.

Still want to play Classic mode:
8×8 Classic, Timer Classic, Bomb Classic
The goal is to drag and drop the block to create and destroy full lines on the grid table both vertically and horizontally. If there is no position for the given block on the screen, the game will end. Don’t forget to keep space for the blocks from filling the screen.

Block Puzzle keep three classic block puzzle:
– Easy to play, move, drag and drop
– Free and No internet needed, Play block puzzle anywhere and anytime!
– Addictive game mode: Dropdown, 8×8 Classic, Timer Classic, Bomb Classic.
– Relaxing and brainstorming: Play games when you have free time, relax after hours of hard work time.
– Smooth and funny animation
– Ranking Board for every mode.

– Don’t forget to keep space for the blocks from filling the screen.
– Always leave a hole for the big 3×3 block.
– Focus on creating lines, not block.
– Do rows and columns at the same time.
– Avoid leaving single spaces and single unconnected blocks.
– Always remove a line if you can.
– Work from the corners.

Let’s enjoy a simple and addictive drop block puzzle jewel game in 2020!

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