Block Guns: Online Shooter 3D – Dmitriy Nikitin

Block Guns – online shooter in the block style! Many mods, maps, guns, armors, skins, and many different bonuses!

๏ Try all the game modes in an online shooter! ๏

◈ Death Match
◈ Team Match
◈ Duel
◈ Survival
◈ Raid
◈ Siege
◈ Battle Royale
◈ Flag Capture

In different game modes, you can play alone or in a team with friends. Try yourself alone against everyone or play along with the team!

๏ Try all the game cards in the pixel war! ๏

◈ Pool
◈ Factory
◈ Military Base
◈ Ship Port
◈ Space Port
◈ Stadium
◈ Airport
◈ City

Do you like big or small maps, we have maps of any size! Explore every corner of all maps. Use the advantages of locations to catch the enemy.

๏ Choose your favorite weapon and go to battle! ๏

◈ Melee
◈ Pistols
◈ Assault Rifle
◈ Sniper Rifle
◈ Rocket Launcher
◈ Grenade

You can choose any weapon, you want to be a sniper, take a sniper rifle, you want to go for an assault take a gun and an assault rifle with grenades.

๏ Buy the best armor to protect yourself! ๏

◈ Armors
◈ Helmet
◈ Armor
◈ Gloves
◈ Boots

Equip your character completely, then you can defend yourself from enemy bullets. Most importantly, the helmet will protect you from shots in the head.

๏ Show all your enemies your cool skin! ๏

◈ Skins
◈ Military
◈ Officer
◈ General
◈ Admiral
◈ Camouflage
◈ Special Forces
◈ Police

More than a hundred unique skins to choose from. Choose any skin and show it to all your friends.

You can find all this and much more in our game. Join the battle!