Block Doku -Sudoku Puzzle Game – Huseyin Kocaman

Block Doku new relaxing block puzzle, is designed for you. Its like classic tile based board game and Jigsaw and Sudoku combination but Block Doku has difference in gameplay and more fun.

Let a chance Block Doku to relax you in short time. Block Doku is easy to play for kids and all ages.

Block Doku has different themes that serves unique game play more fun. You will surprised when you play and you will find at least one your best mode in this puzzle game.

◉ Lots of different Themes
◉ Special Concept
◉ Exciting Animations
◉ Game Center
◉ You can share your scores by Facebook, Twitter, Whats app or Other Social media integrations.


1- Drag blocks to free places to fill
2- If you complete full the frame row or column blocks will be removed and you get the points.
3- No time limit

Thats all, good luck …