Blob Science GCSE Premium – Donavan Naidoo

Science has how many keywords at GCSE level!?

GCSE science has over 1000 keywords for the Biology, Chemistry and Physics exams. ALL of these words are used and students are required to remember them on top of everything else they have to do.

BLOB SCIENCE: is the time saving, student science support app that you absolutely can’t afford to go without. Blob Science uses game-like interaction so it feels like you are playing a game whilst learning! Gone are the days of long lists to memorise. Blob Science uses sensory stimulation of sounds, sight and touch in order to embed the new keywords.

Practice at the park, at the study table, in the car… Blob Science has every keyword in every topic covered in the science curriculum by ALL of the exam boards! There is a practice session and a quiz round for you to test yourself or others!

Wouldn’t you like to have an advantage when learning and writing exams?
Blob Science is free to students because we believe the change in education, starts with you!