Blaze Studies – William Savell

The Blaze App allows you to access all of your Biblical and Theological courses anytime and anywhere. Diving deep into God’s word is one of the most important things a Christian can do, and we have that possibility today. With Blaze you will have access to a wide variety of Bible courses that are taught by some of today’s best Bible teachers. You will also have the opportunity to connect to other students during the learning process.

*Courses on Video*
Find all of your courses in your device. You will receive immediate access to all of the courses you sign up for.

*Reading Material*
You will have access to all of the course transcripts. This will reinforce the videos and allow you to review what you have learned.

You will have space to answer questions and complete activities that will help you put into practice what you have learned.

Blaze proposes a modern learning system based on the teaching of Bible and theology experts. This expertise should then be coupled with the interaction of other students in order to foster accountability and encourage Kingdom application. In this, a comprehensive learning process should be achieved.

Download the Blaze App now and be part of the virtual platform for Bible courses that are designed to help you interact with God’s Word wherever you are, and to connect with people with the same desire to grow in the knowledge of God.

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