BlackSight: Night mode camera – FoxfortMobile

BlackSight is a computational photography app designed to take brighter and images with little amount of noise in low light conditions. Using sophisticated long exposure algorithms, it can capture high quality photos in dark environments without requiring any internet connection. Your photos are processed locally on your device , hence protecting your privacy. Tripod is not required but using one will result in sharper images.

– Compatible with all cameras (front, ultra-wide, wide, telephoto)
– Manual focus
– Timer
– Soft torch for illuminating super dark scenes
– Photo format (HEIC/JPEG)
– Shoot lower resolution image for faster processing
– Grid
– Mirrored selfies
– Front flash
– Smart white balance correction to reduce yellowish tint

Supported devices:
– iPhone 6s and above (6S, 6S+, SE, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, X, XS, XR, SE 2, 11, 11 Pro)
– Front camera is not supported for iPhone 6s/6s+

Tips for better photos:
– Choose a moderate/dim scene with uniform lighting (avoid harsh light source like lamps/street lights)
– Use a tripod or rest your hands/phone on a surface for maximum sharpness
– Always tap to focus before taking each photo and wait for focus to stabilises (Focussing can take 1-3 seconds to lock in dark scenes)
– Hold your phone using two hands as it reduces hand motion
– Hold your breath if you are doing handheld shot (Yes, this helps!!)
– For selfies, do not blink your eyes and try to stay still with minimal head motion
– For human portraits, make sure your subjects hold very still for up to 5 seconds
– Avoid scenes having any kind of motion like cars, persons, crowds, pets, windy trees