bizCbook – BizCbook LLC – CLOSED due to REFUND

Our professional online member only network platform will be an implementation of information technology in support with a research and sales team in each Country that will facilitate business members source products and services in other countries. This method will be more cost-effective method of generating new business advertising or public relations efforts in countries where companies don’t really know the business entities they are dealing with. Our business networking system will be a low-cost activity that involves more personal commitment from bizCbook to not only connect the businesses but verify each member on our app, so the risk of doing business with company this not legitimate is not an issue. We have a full compliance staff in the Africa countries and our IT team has developed a system they can verify a business immediately upon the member entering their business information with in a few seconds. Our member service team will source products and services for any business that can’t find the product or service on our platform.

_Members Benefits:_

* Increase revenue by generating more business
* Members can video conference other members (coming soon)
* Send message by SMS or place a secured calls via the bizCbook app or website
* Upload products and services via pictures or videos to the bizCbook activity wall
* bizCbook sales team can source products or services for business members in other countries
* bizCbook app allows members to discover new businesses
* All members on the bizCbook app are verified. This boost credibility and provides each member a peace of mind that they are dealing with other legitimate businesses.
* bizCbook VIP Gold & Platinum Members will receive between two to five debit Black Cards for their executives with a $15,000 per day available load. For companies in emerging, markets their executives won’t have to worry about traveling with cash.

Join us, become a member of our community today. Get your business verified and let bizCbook’s platform help you increase you revenue by connect you will more suppliers and buyers.

Download bizCbook, and take your business globally.