Birtly – Task Period

Birtly is a tool to simplify your work, to-dos, and communications. Whether you are writing your travel itinerary, managing team projects or planning future milestones; getting things done via birtly is simple, exciting and fun!

You can use birtly for:
• Task Management
• Shopping List
• Taking Notes
• Teamwork Management
• Lead Management
• Project management
• Project planning
• Todos and Reminders
• Game Development
• Advertising
• Sales Planning
• Travel Itenary
• Bug Tracking and many more…

You can accomplish what’s meaningful and important to you every day with our favorite MY TASKS view and can plan your week work with NEXT 7 DAYS TASKS.

• Add a task and arrange them into as many sections.
• View your work to-do list in your “My Tasks” view.
• Create different projects to organize your tasks in lists.
• Add due dates, details, and files to your tasks.
• Comment on tasks from anywhere to get more clarity.
• Upload any number of files to any task.
• View all your current work in the “Today Tasks” view.
• Prioritize your tasks with priority levels.
• Collaborate on projects in realtime by assigning tasks to others

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