Birthday Reminder & Wishes – Ajuan Hassan

Do you NEVER want to miss your loved one’s birthdays again?
Then Birthday Reminder PRO is the perfect app for you!

What is Birthday Reminder & Wishes?
– Birthday Reminder PRO is a FREE birthday reminder app.

Why birthday reminder PRO?
– The app is easy to use and clear and separated by the navigation.

– You can determine yourself whether the app should remember your loved one’s birthday 1 day, 2 days or 1 week beforehand.
– The home page shows you which birthday is the most current and whether birthdays are imminent in the respective month.

– Enter the birthdays of your loved ones in this area.
– Clarity, thanks to our sorting process. Decide for yourself whether the birthdays, birthday, first or last names should be sorted.

Birthday wishes
– Lots of great birthday greetings that you can easily copy by tapping on them.
– Copy your favorite birthday greeting and send it to the birthday child. You can easily insert and send the birthday wish into any messenger.

Birthday cards
– Choose a birthday card and simply send it to the birthday child.

Why upgrade to Birthday Reminder & Wishes PRO?
You don’t need to Upgrade! You already have the PRO VERSION for FREE!