Birds of New Zealand – Lighstromo Studios Ltd.

Birds Of New Zealand is an educational drawing app that can teach you and your kids about different species of birds that can be found in New Zealand. It can also reduce anxiety and stress, and help you focus.

Paint birds whenever you have to wait in a long line, take your mind off something that is worrying you, or simply when you want to experience something that can brighten up your day!

Created a masterpiece? Want to show it off to your friends? Save it by using the Go Back button of the main painting screen and share it on our Facebook page.

Usage: Select an image from the menu. The main painting screen offers a variety of tools. Use the Pencil and Fill tools for painting. Press and hold on those buttons to access more colour palettes, as well as different sizes and shapes for the pencil.

Select Eraser and click on it again to access the Colour Picking tool. Click anywhere on the canvas to select the colour you like. Select either of the painting tools to assign the selected colour to them.

Undo and redo buttons will help to correct small mistakes. The current limit of undo actions is set to 5.

Go Back button gives access to the Clean Canvas and Save Image functionality. The images will be stored on your device in the folder called Lighstromo. From there, feel free to share them with the world as you please.

The current version features 12 birds of varying painting complexity.