bindCommerce – Passalibro

The bindCommerce system is accessible to users through a web based interface that allows you to view and modify your data (eg products, categories, orders) and manage the movement of the same to and from ERPs (such as QuickBooks and the italian Danea Easyfatt, Giobby, Intersoft Starty ERP, LYNFA, ALYANTE, Bman, Mycrsoft Dynamics NAV, Passepartout Mexal, SAP ERP, Fatture in Cloud, Zucchetti AHR, Eversell, Bemall, e / Empresa, NTS Business, Magic Store, Aurum), e-commerce platforms ( VirtueMart, WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, Sellacious, OpenCart, Shopify, Quista), marketplace (eBay, Amazon, Amazon Business, ePrice, Spartoo, ManoMano, Allegro, Wish, cDiscount, AliExpress), ad sites (like Kijiji), social networks (such as Facebook Catalog) and price comparators (such as Google Shopping and Trovaprezzo).

The PROCESS section contains the main elements concerning the handling and transformation of managed data. Among the main items in this section we find Nodes, Connectors and Procedures.

In LOGS we find all the logs, divided by category, which allow you to monitor the execution of processes. The various items in this section allow you to consult the logs divided by connector or procedure, in addition to specific logs for stock changes and price changes. It is also possible to monitor processes while they are running.

The CATALOG contains the management of products, categories, attributes, price lists and related prices, producers, suppliers and alternatives (thanks to which it is also possible to manage multilingual). It is also possible to use the multiple export file options made available and set the derivative products with the related derivation rules.

SALES: Customers, orders and order lines are managed here. We also find a specific section called File Download, for analyzing your sales, with the ability to download different types of reports.

The IMPORT EXPORT FILES section allows you to create and manage the various import and export file configurations.

In ERP it is possible to create and manage the configurations necessary for correct communication with management systems. The section includes items relating to product import, order download and specific export file for Danea Easyfatt.

ECOMMERCE groups all the items relating to the processes that can be executed from and to the integrated eCommerce platforms, divided by type of CMS. For each eCommerce platform there are the related specific items.

In MARKETPLACE there are the settings for the management of each marketplace integrated in bindCommerce. Active marketplaces will have a dedicated section with their own set of settings.