BinauralZ – Bill O’Neill Design LLC

Careful – this will blow your mind!

BinauralZ is a free, simple and clean Binaural Entrainment Package.

It doesn’t get simpler:

1) Choose your brainwave and carrier frequencies by clicking on the XY Frequency chart
2) Set the desired volume level
3) Press the play button

There are no adverts, no in-app purchases, and, best of all, it is completely free!

BinauralZ is powered by the latest hyper-efficient version of the acclaimed BrainwaveZ synthesizer.

It uses negligible processing bandwidth and is compatible with other music apps – allowing you to play soundscapes or music as a backing track to the beats.

BinauralZ is a universal application and will run on Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Enjoy – and use responsibly!

Note: While Binaural Beats are generally regarded as safe, we recommend that you do not use BinauralZ if you are prone to seizures, are operating heavy machinery, or are doing anything remotely dangerous!