Binauralbeat Brainwave Therapy – Vishal Vora

Binaural Beats Brainwave Therapy- Ultimate Brain Booster offers a wide variety of binaural beats for any type of problem.

Binaural beats basically are natural frequencies that if tuned correctly can create high impact brain waves that assist in meditation, relaxation, healing, deep sleep, focus, stress relief and mind therapy.

This app present you Binaural Beats Meditation-Study Music for Focus app designed to deliver this gift of meditation, sleep sounds and stress relief with the utmost convenience.

It includes a considerable amount of frequency presets for every part of your life.

Brain Booster – Binaural Beats is the leading source for Binaural Beat audio. Browse our extensive collection of Binaural Beats and hear completely free.

STUDY: Boost your memory, concentration and get help with studies
SPIRIT: Open your 3rd eye, enter in a trance or cross the universe with astral travels
SLEEP: Improve your sleeping habits with lucid dreams or deep sleep
BODY: heal your DNA, overcome your addictions or energize yourself
BRAIN: be smarter, more creative or get relaxed

This application includes 5 binaural beats frequencies of your selection :
* alpha waves – relaxation while awake , pre-sleep and pre-wake.
* beta waves – active , busy or anxious thinking , active concentration and cognition.
* gamma waves – higher mental activity , perception , problem solving , fear release.
* theta waves – dreams , deep meditation , REM sleep.
* delta waves – deep dreamless sleep , loss of body awareness.

You can also set the timer and use it on your meditation, relax or sleep sessions.

How to use Binaural Beats:
-> To attain full function of Binaural Beats, you require a good set of Stereo Headphones.
-> Do not listen to these sounds while undertaking a task that requires attention.
-> You will need 20-30 minutes of listening time.
-> Please remember to use a subtle volume. The volume should not be so loud that it disrupts your hearing.