Big Digital Clock Display – Patel Darshan

Big Digital Clock Display shows you day, time & date on the whole screen.
This is a huge digital clock, the biggest! You can customize the design as per your favorite color.
This app has Big Clock with Alarm, Stopwatch & Timer features.

Salient Feature of Big Digital Clock app

1. Clock:
– In this feature, a Huge Clock is displayed on the mobile screen.
– You can change the clock’s digit color.
– It also includes a setting option containing 24 hours, Display day, and date.

2) Alarm:
– You can set multiple alarms.
– You can set Repetition, Snooze time & give it a name.

3) Timer:
– You can set a countdown as per hour, minute & seconds.

4) Stopwatch:
– Big Digital Clock contains a stopwatch with the lap feature.

Download this giant clock app and always stay punctual in life.