bicoco – Rodrigo Hernandez urbina

Have you ever wonder how to celebrate birthdays and special occasions in the new normal?

Bicoco will allow you to celebrate birthdays and other special occasions with friends using Augmented Reality (AR) to greet and e-decorate your friends’ real environment.

The main features of our app:

1. Permissions: bicoco requires access to your contacts in order to see who of your friends is already on the app, who’s celebrating a Birthday, and finally to send them gifts and wishes in AR.
2. Notifications: Get notified about who’s having a Birthday and whenever you receive an AR gift.
3. Catalogue of special occasions and AR gifts: Select from bicoco’s catalogue the AR gift to be sent to your friend, and preview it before sending it.
4. Greeting Cards: Write down your feelings and wishes in our e-card and bicoco will place it in AR within your friend’s real environment, along with the AR gift.
5. Augmented Reality: Your friend will see your AR gift and greeting card popping out right from their iPhone, and coexist with their real environment.

We hope you enjoy our app!