Bhasha – Learn Languages Fast – Bitan Nath

Bhasha – Features Overview:

Learn languages in non English Scripts by actually seeing and writing the most important words of the language on your screen. Practice reading, writing, and learn fast by focussing on the top 100 most important words of the language only. No fluff, no bull, just pure learning.

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*What’s New:*
– 15 Languages supported, list below
– Top 100 words for any language
– Write out a word to practice, on your phone screen
– Hear the word out before you learn it
– Graded scale, words get more complicated as you progress
– Blaze through words or learn at your own pace

Languages Supported:
– Bengali
– Gujarati
– Hindi
– Chinese
– Japanese
– Kannada
– Khmer
– Korean
– Malayalam
– Marathi
– Punjabi
– Sinhala
– Tamil
– Telugu
– Thai