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Welcome to beYumm: your taste assistant, accessing the Taste Community.

You have used many apps for rating food and beverages products? Food and beverages are limited to mathematical nutritional values? What if an app could re-connect you with the true taste of food and beverages products? What if this app could re-connect you with the true emotions of ingredients composing food and beverages around the world? Then you are at the right app page, finally we bring the first professional personal food and beverages taste assistant, with a unique access to the taste community. This food app will allow consumers to scan a product’s barcode and, virtually, find out how people have evaluated it in their own standards: localization, culture, gender and much more. Our main aim is to train ourselves to distinguish flavorswhich make the magic of our preferred products; tasting is a skill that is still clearly underdeveloped. Yet, some people are naturally better tasters and other professionals are highly trained.

Taste and rate your food with beYumm and join the Taste Community around the world. Learn to taste better with beYumm, your new taste assistant. Don’t wait any our newly launched app that will reveal your food taste and unleash your potential to become a skilled food and beverages taster.

Why beYumm?
You can easily share anything about foods taste within thebeYummtaste community. You can also take pictures and rate products tastes and emotions.

Digital apps are mainly focused on nutritional value, not on food taste. beYumm will become your daily taste assistant • People often feel isolated or even lost when talking about taste. This time is over. beYumm will help each and everyone to increase their product ranking capabilities. Even more, beYumm will give each and everyone a voice to the Taste Community and to the Food industry.

This app has an amazing user interface and is it is easy to use. From the very first taste evaluation users do, beYUmm establishes an individual taste profile. From there, consumers can use the framework for product tasting and connect with the beYumm taste community.The individual taste profile is projected over the one of the taste community, which highlights everyone’s singularity.Simplified rating products can be done in minimum time, training works like a quest for flavors, making the overall process fun and more engaging.

beYumm reassemble the data collected as a “voice from the consumer” for the food industry. IN doing so, each individual who has joined the beYumm Taste Community is no expressing a direct feedback to the food and beverages industry, based on their own individual perception and emotions.

Highlighted features
– Easy to use it and amazing user interface
– beYumm is your Personal taste assistant
– This app will allow consumers to scan a product’s barcode and, virtually taste and rate their food
– beYumm will allow users to connect with other fellow Yummer from their region or all over the world
– Rating food and beverages products by using 5+5 descriptors they share with others
– The app collects unstructured data and renders it in a structured way for the benefit of the users
– This data can be used in the analysis and development of food products and for general product marketing purposes
– The user shall take advantage of the result of the general evaluation of the tasting data provided by the beYumm taste community
– In consideration of the previous elements, beYumm is today’s best food taste app and can be placed as a unique food and beverage taste assistant

Your feedback matters!

Contact us if you have any issues about our app, we always appreciate user feedback and must recommend for future updates!! Last but not the least don’t forget to rate us better!! thanks.