Bethel City of Glory – Bethel City of Glory

Bethel World Outreach Church is a multicultural, missions-oriented and disciple making church. We feel God has called us to make a difference where we are and are committed to helping people use the spiritual and physical resources the Lord has provided them to obey Him, and fulfill the destiny he has designed for them. Our goal is to win the lost at all costs.

If you are looking for a church, where the word of God is taught in integrity and the members are focused on serving God and his people as well as making a difference in their communities then, please accept our personal invitation to make Bethel World Outreach Church your home. We can grow and serve the Lord together.

At Bethel Virginia, we have endeavored to focus on the holistic approach to ministry. We have tailored our ministry to meet the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, financial and physical need of the family.